Leopard Geckos!

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Leopard Geckos!

Postby Laceflower » Sat Nov 26, 2016 12:06 pm

As a sort of "beginner reptile" aficionado (they tend to be the most personable, in my opinion), I thought I'd share a few of my first reptiles, whom I bought or adopted in the years before I was able to find a litter of Northern BT's from a trustworthy breeder. These little guys certainly have their own personalities. Bear in mind, I do love Black Sabbath, so the geckos that I christened myself are named accordingly. And yes, I am aware that the glass is smudgy; my little brother likes to look at them, and little boys have dirty fingers. On to introductions:

P.S. Show me your leos and their homes! I'm always looking for revamping ideas!
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