Austin in Arizona U.S.A.

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Austin in Arizona U.S.A.

Postby Scincoides » Tue Aug 09, 2016 2:21 am

Kei Island (T. g. keyensis):

Keis are a super interesting and diverse sub species. Care is pretty simple.

I keep temps relatively high for mine, 98°F in the hot spot, and 80°F on the cool end.

I keep mine at 50-60% average here. I have noticed that the Kei Island is fairly tolerant of lower humidity than the Halmahera form gigas gigas and the Merauke. I have maintained mine on Cypress Mulch without any of the shedding or eye issues associated with low humidity.

Brumation for Keis here is done on the same schedule as my Meraukes. I reduce temps by 10-15 degrees for 6 weeks. i also reduce daylight hours from 14 to 10 during the winter for my Keis that are housed in conventional enclosures.

Additional note:
The Kei island temperament is a little more feisty on average than the other gigas. Most do calm down with regular gentle handling, but it seems to take a little more effort. This is another species that seems to really appreciate a few small secure hides.
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