Not using front legs

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Not using front legs

Postby Cheesymac » Wed Feb 14, 2024 4:06 am

It's my first time posting so I'm sorry if I do anything wrong or if I don't make sense it's very late and I'm sick

Before you say vet it's the middle of the night closest exotic vet is an hour away doesn't open for 5 hours and only has exotic vets in on some days so I don't even know that they'll be able to see her today

My northern bts I've had since 2017 is suddenly very lethargic and her front legs aren't really working. There is still some muscle and movement but no real strength. She'll try to push with her back legs but is weak in the front, can't get very far, far more calm and docile than usual when handling. Plenty warm to the touch and still sticking tongue out. Did huff up a few times.

She's in a 4x2x2 temp and humidity are same as always she hasn't been eating a whole whole lot because winter but she's still been somewhat active, tunneling and using her front legs to dig, eating a few different bluey foods as well as some bugs snails and greens when she feels like it(I offer 2-3 times a week), all dusted. She's on 6-10 inches of coco mulch and fiber mix with some moss and usually makes use of every inche of underground. I've got a video of her last week using her front legs to dig down into a spot. Isopods and springtail cleanup crew.

She was acting normal until today, maybe yesterday since I was sick and might have not noticed her not being out as much as I was in bed. I had noticed I hadn't seen her today but she burrows a lot so that happens. When I was doing my nightly routine I checked on her in her humid hide and when I touched her tail that was sticking out she was hardly responding please any suggestions or ideas or anything

I have herbivore critical care for whatever that's worth
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Re: Not using front legs

Postby Janella » Wed Feb 14, 2024 8:45 pm

By what your describing your skink needs to see a vet. Any changes that drastically needs seen by a reputable reptile vet. Let us know what they say.

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