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Postby Scincoides » Tue Aug 09, 2016 2:23 am

Irian Jaya (T. sp):

Affectionately known as the IJ, the Irian Jaya is probably the least understood, most argued about, Blue Tongue found in Indonesia. Its classification is still being debated; many believe it to be a Gigas species, while others believe it belongs in the scincoides family. For the time being, Dr. Glenn Shea, the foremost authority on blue tongue skinks, has lumped the Irian Jaya into the taxon T. g. evanescence (Merauke).

Most would agree that the IJ looks like the halfway point between an Eastern and a Merauke. In many ways, their care mirrors that. Irian Jayas are large, heavy bodied skinks that can be kept and brumated very similarly to Tanimbars.

I keep the temperatures for mine at 96°F on the warm end and in the mid to high 70’s on the cool end.

I keep humidity around 60%.

I brumate my Irian Jayas exactly the same as I do my Tanimbars; in fact, some are hooked up to the same thermostats. 4-10 weeks (usually 8 or so) with temps as low as 65°F.

Additional note:
It’s worth mentioning that with all the diversity that is seen in the Irian Jaya, most can be classified as either scincoides-type, or gigas-type, with the scincoides-type animals being stockier and more Eastern/Northern-looking, and the gigas-type animals being very long tailed and more slender. I’ve noticed from keeping both side by side, that the specimens who closely resemble the Merauke seem to be less forgiving of lower humidity conditions. A reasonable hypothesis for the difference in appearance in the Irian Jaya is that there is a significant range overlap between the Irian Jaya and the Merauke. It's possible, in my opinion, that the in-between animals that we are seeing are naturally occurring intergrades.

More detailed information is available on the Irian Jaya page of the main site, thanks to James Wilson.
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