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Austin in Arizona U.S.A.

Posted: Tue Aug 09, 2016 2:17 am
by Scincoides
Indonesian (T. g. gigas):

Care for the classic Indonesian blue tongue is nearly identical to the Merauke in most regards.

96°F in the hot spot, 80°F in the cool end of the enclosure.

Although I have noticed that the classic Indonesian is far more tolerant of low humidity than the Merauke, I maintain an average 60-70% here on Cypress Mulch, without having any of the shedding or eye issues associated with low humidity in Meraukes.

I brumate my Indos at 72°F during the 8 week winter period for them, and they do just fine.

Additional note:
Indonesians also have a reputation for being feisty, which, in my experience at least, is largely inaccurate. I have owned significantly fewer classic Indonesians than most of the other species listed above, maybe a dozen or so over the years, but after a settling in period, most have calmed down well and become pretty easy to work with. I have found that with this species, it is especially important to provide at least a few secure hides scattered through the enclosure where they can hunker down when stressed.