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Austin in Arizona U.S.A.

Postby Scincoides » Mon Aug 08, 2016 10:55 pm

Northern (T. s. intermedia)

Northerns get large, very large. A spacious enclosure is greatly preferred as this species has been known to reach 24 inches in length, with reports of Australian owned animals exceeding that.

In my Northern enclosures, I shoot for a basking spot near 100°F with the cool end in the high 70’s.

Northerns make such great beginner skinks because they are very forgiving of variances in husbandry conditions. In the wild, they occupy habitats with humidity ranging from 20% to near 100% during the wet season. This gives us as keepers a lot of wiggle room in regards to the humidity level that we provide for them. It also allows for a wide range of bedding options. The two most common bedding options for Northerns in the U.S tend to be cypress mulch and shredded/chipped aspen. In my experience, both work very well. Aspen looks great, but is much drier, and sometimes dusty. Cypress retains moisture well without molding, which is a huge bonus if you prefer to keep your Northern with an elevated level of humidity.

Their overall sturdiness allows for options in brumation length and temperature as well. I’ve experimented over the last 4 years and found that they can be shut down during the winter at temperatures as high as 76°F and as low as 48°F without any noticeable negative effects, although 58-64°F is what I prefer, with duration ranging from 4 weeks to 10 weeks. It warrants mentioning though, that they do need to be kept pretty dry when shut down to prevent any chance of respiratory infection.
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