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Looking for a new home for Northern Blue Tongue Skink

Posted: Fri Aug 11, 2023 3:42 pm
by Kingfisher
I am in need of a new home for my Blue Tongue Skink as I head off to college. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find a suitable caretaker so far.

About the Skink:

Age: Approximately 6 years
Health: No known health problems
Temperament: Calm and accustomed to human presence
Diet: Regular diet of fruits, vegetables, and Bluey Buffet
Gender: I believe the skink is a female based off of its physical traits

I am willing to personally deliver the skink anywhere from Reading, PA, to Southern Maine along the East Coast, ensuring a smooth transition to its new environment.
(I currently life in the Reading area and will be moving up to Souithern Maine on August 19th to prepare for college and can deliver anywhere between those two destinations during that day. After that time, I will deliver in the MA - Maine area.)

Contact Information:
If you're interested in taking on this responsibility, please DM me or email me at Don't hesitate to ask for more details or pictures.

Share this message with potential candidates who may also be interested. Thank you for your time and consideration.