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Proven Female 2011 Blue Tongue Skink

Posted: Fri Sep 06, 2019 6:14 pm
by James Wilson
Victoria was born on 6-23-2011. She produced by Jeff Greene. Victoria's bloodlines trace back to Andrew Seike on her Father’s side and James Fenn’s High-Orange bloodlines on her Mother’s side). If you know Jeff’s animals, then the following lineage info might be of some use to you. Her father is Phil, and her mother is Ginger. Her grandparents on his father’s side are Charlie and Alya. Her Grandparents on his Mother’s side are unknown high orange James Fenn stock. She is a classic Northern with a nice clean pattern, and a very long body with a short fat tail. She produced for me the last 3 years so I gave her a break this year. She is priced at 350.00 plus shipping. Fed Ex Priority Overnight will run anywhere from $35.00 to $95.00 (depending on your location). I generally ship on Wednesdays for a Thursday delivery (arrangements for a Tuesday or Wednesday delivery can be made as well). She will be shipped in accordance with federal regulations in a large deli cup or similar container that will be placed (along with a cold pack and packing material) in a properly marked cardboard box that is reinforced and insulated with 1 inch thick styrofoam. In addition, the box, Styrofoam lining, and deli cup will all be properly ventilated with air holes. If interested, you can send me a message or email me at (Please include your zip code for a shipping quote). SOLD to Kara

BTS-Northern (Victoria) 1.JPG

BTS-Northern (Victoria) 2.JPG

BTS-Northern (Victoria) 3.JPG

BTS-Northern (Victoria) 4.JPG

BTS-Northern (Victoria) 6.JPG

2015 BTS breeding (Walkabout & Victoria) 1.JPG

Re: Proven Female 2011 Blue Tongue Skink

Posted: Fri Sep 06, 2019 6:24 pm
by KO Exotics
Pm and email sent