Baby Northern Blue-tongued Skinks for sale (sold out)

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James Wilson
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Baby Northern Blue-tongued Skinks for sale (sold out)

Postby James Wilson » Sat Oct 13, 2018 7:10 pm

Baby Northern Blue-tongued Skinks (Tiliqua scincoides intermedia) for sale. They are eating, drinking, and growing (like weeds). In my short descriptions, I often refer to them individually as "He", but they are NOT sexed. They are individually priced (starting at $345.00 and going up from there based on color and pattern) plus shipping. Fed Ex Priority Overnight will run anywhere from $35.00 to $95.00 (depending on your location). I generally ship on Wednesdays for a Thursday delivery (arrangements for a Tuesday or Wednesday delivery can be made as well). Babies will be shipped in accordance with federal regulations in 6 inch deli cups that will be placed (along with a cold pack and packing material) in a properly marked cardboard box that is reinforced and insulated with 1 inch thick styrofoam. In addition, the box, Styrofoam lining, and deli cup will all be properly ventilated with air holes. To purchase or reserve one or more of these little beauties, you can send me a message or email me at (Please include your zip code for a shipping quote).

NOTE: In the past, I did not require a deposit to reserve a baby, but this practice has led to too many “buyers” that reserve a baby and then vanish off the face of the earth, never to complete the transaction. As a result, I am forced to change my reservation process. So from this point forward I will only reserve a baby for 24 hours without a deposit. After 24 hours, I will need a $25.00 deposit if I am going to hold that baby any longer. Deposits are nonrefundable. However, they will be applied to the total price of the skink. When sending payment, please include your shipping address, phone #, and which baby you have chosen in the payment notes.

Born on 8-24-2018. I have posted individual photos of each of them. These guys were born late in the season, and two were of them were quite small. That being said, they are growing up fast and are turning out to be really nice. This litter is special because they come from High Orange bloodlines on her Mother’s side and the father shows great orange as well.

The Father (Walkabout) is a 2010 skink from Jeff Greene (a moderator here on this site). Walkabout's bloodlines trace back to Andrew Seike stock. He is a very nice classic Northern with a very nice clean pattern. Here he is:

BTS-Northern (Outback) 3.JPG

The Mother (Victoria) is a 2011 animal (also from Jeff Greene). Victoria's bloodlines trace back to Andrew Seike on her Father’s side and James Fenn’s High-Orange bloodlines on her Mother’s side). She is a classic Northern with a nice clean pattern, and a very long body with a short fat tail. Here she is:

BTS-Northern (Victoria) 1.JPG

Baby #1 is a big one and he is growing like a weed. He has a great personality and is very active and bold. I suspect him to be male but it is still very early to be sure. He is a beautiful classic Northern with a lot of bright color and a nice clean aberrant pattern. $525.00 sold to Joe





Baby #2 is another big bold one. I suspect this one might be a female, but please realize, this is just a hunch (no promises). This one is a nice classic Northern with some white speckling in the dark areas. $445.00 On Hold for Tyler




Baby #3 is also quite large and super curious. He is beautiful and looks a lot like his father with lots of nice yellow and orange and a generous amount of white speckling in the dark areas. $425.00 Sold to William






Baby #4 was one of the smaller babies in the group, but he is growing well. He is a nice little classic Northern with an aberrant zipper pattern and a small amount of speckling in his dark areas. $375.00 Sold to Josh




Baby #5 was just a tiny little guy when he was born, but he is eating well and growing as a result. He is a very nice classic Northern with a nice clean latter-back pattern. $345.00 on Hold for Anthony





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James Wilson
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Re: Price REDUCED Baby Northern Blue-tongued Skinks for sale.

Postby Slang619 » Thu Dec 20, 2018 11:16 pm

Sent an email very interested in purchasing one of these lovely little bts
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Re: Price REDUCED Baby Northern Blue-tongued Skinks for sale.

Postby splashy07 » Sun Dec 23, 2018 4:16 pm

You're killing me James! Even if I had the space I wouldn't be able to pick one out! Look at those great big eyes! I've got one of your girls who is nearing her eighth birthday, and she makes beautiful babies! Glad to see you're still making beauties of your own. I highly recommend your protege, you are to northerns what Vin Russo is to boas.
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Re: Baby Northern Blue-tongued Skinks for sale (only 2 left)

Postby Rakeone » Wed Dec 26, 2018 10:45 pm

Are these still availables?
Is it possible to ship to Canada?

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Re: Baby Northern Blue-tongued Skink for sale (Last one)

Postby Metzger » Wed Jan 09, 2019 3:23 pm

Thank you for holding that last skink for me. I will pay the remainder in cash when i come to pick him/her up next week.

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