Baby Northerns Due June 2018_ update May 10

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Baby Northerns Due June 2018_ update May 10

Postby dingopanga » Thu May 10, 2018 7:43 pm

I posted a classified ad back in February regarding my Northern BTs and the possibility of seeing babies this June.

I want to thank everyone who has emailed me looking for babies, and I will respond to every individual message in the next few days.

There is some disappointing news and a bit of good news.

There were 5 young adult females that bred in early February, and all of them behaved as if they might be gravid during the first couple of months. However, it is now the first week of May and I am not seeing the physical changes in 3 of the females that would indicate that they are going to produce babies this year. One female is still a possibility although I think the chances at this point are 50/50. She is a big girl but not 'ballooning'.

The last female, which is a very pretty 'classic' (bold banding) looking Northern, is definitely gravid as she is ballooning with a couple of weeks to go. It's always possible that she will not produce live offspring but as of right now, she looks great.

While I am quite disappointed that 3 of the females will not produce this year, I am optimistic that they should produce next year as they will be a bit larger and a year older.

I have put together a list of people who contacted me via email, and it's quite possible that I will have live babies but not enough for everyone on the list. If you are not on the list, please feel free to still contact me as some people may drop out.

Anyone who doesn't get a baby this year but might be interested for next year, can keep their name on the list. I will have 6 females (with 4 unrelated males) that I will try to breed in 2019.

To contact me -- it is easiest to email me at:

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