Looking for BTS or BTS Breeder near Northern California

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Looking for BTS or BTS Breeder near Northern California

Postby RolliPolliOlli » Tue Apr 11, 2017 6:27 pm

I am looking for BTS near me! I live in Northern California. I'm hoping to find a breeder but an adoption is just as good! I've never had a Skink before. I'm not sure what type of BTS would be best for me (I heard Eastern or Northerns, I was leaning towards Easterns because they are a tad smaller). I've tried tons of Breeders online but they all are from places like Florida, and then the places that are near California, the people won't ever reply back! I'm not needing one right at this moment, but I want to know what's available before I plan on really getting attached to the idea (Too late I already have x , x ). Also I've been focusing on graduating so most likely after graduation I will have decided about whether or not I should/can get one.
I would really like some help please!
Thank you !
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Re: Looking for BTS or BTS Breeder near Northern California

Postby Hyrulemaster77 » Fri Apr 14, 2017 12:24 am

Hey there!

So as far as getting a Bluey goes, a Northern might be your best option even though they're a tad bigger. I could be wrong (I'm fairly new at this myself) but I believe Easterns are a bit harder to find. You might be a bit late this year to find a Northern baby that isn't spoken for since Northerns only birth once a year (if what I've read is correct) so if you are looking for a baby you may want to find a waiting list. I don't know about anywhere in California specifically that sells Bluey's though I'm sure they're breeders there too. Most breeders will offer to ship the babies to you as well though, so don't feel limited by where you live! :D

Otherwise there are some more readily available breeds of Blueys such as the Indonesian and Meruke. Both species can also be found at reptile trade shows, though if you go that route make sure to do your homework. Many times they can be wild caught, and they need more moisture than the Northerns in general so the setup is a bit different.

There also is a Recommended Breeder list here on the forum that might have someone listed in Cali. It's worth a peek! :)
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Re: Looking for BTS or BTS Breeder near Northern California

Postby starscream3232 » Fri Apr 14, 2017 6:04 am

We're just on the edge of baby season. Most breeders including myself have been getting slammed with messages about babies.A northern is a great choice. They run about $250-300 each. Easterns are rare in the states. They're about $800 each. Most breeders will ship. Best bet is to join the Facebook groups as most breeders post on there.
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