Need to rehome my Irian Jaya BTS (his name is Meraxes)

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Need to rehome my Irian Jaya BTS (his name is Meraxes)

Postby Ownage4u » Wed Oct 11, 2023 12:16 pm

I am sad to be making this post but I feel I can no longer give the appropriate attention my BTS needs and worry he isn't getting proper enrichment.

I've had Meraxes for 3 years now, got him as a baby and had time to take him out and socialize. At the beginning of this year I had some major life changes occur and my schedule has been all out of sorts. I've had to take on multiple jobs at one point, have had graveyard shifts that have been difficult to adjust to and I'ts been more difficult to find the time to spend with my lil dude. I used to take him out every other day, now it's more like every other week. He's still very eager to get out, doesn't huff at me, has never bitten or hissed at me, but I feel bad that my care of him has dropped (in the sense of giving him the attention he's used to). I'm not looking to make any money, I just want the assurance that he would be going to a good home and getting more attention than I'm able to give him. He's a good boy, has the kindest eyes and will chill on your shoulder or behind your neck. His nails might need some filing, it's the only thing I haven't managed to do, I don't want to hurt him so I added a rock to his enclosure to try and have him file them down on his own, idk if it actually helped. If anyone can help I would be truly grateful.

I am located in Anaheim California, I can do local pick-up/drop-off so long as you're within a 50 mile radius. I am not sure how to do the shipping process so I think that would be off the table unless I am guided through it.
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Re: Need to rehome my Irian Jaya BTS (his name is Meraxes)

Postby obsessed with Blueys » Wed Nov 15, 2023 5:47 pm

i would have loved your lizrd:(
unfortunately im in australia..
hope you find him a home soon!

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