A Small Inquiry for a Very Small Bluey

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A Small Inquiry for a Very Small Bluey

Postby Diadema » Wed May 15, 2024 3:00 am

Hello everyone!
I got my bluey a few days ago and despite being 4 months old, it is extremely small. It’s definitely a runt, but seems very active and healthy, eating and drinking within the first day of getting home and making a solid case for the description of gecko with its antics. It’s currently 19cm head to tail tip and 11cm head to hips.
I have a few little questions for my little guy though.

1) How much should I be feeding it? I know it obviously needs a smaller portion size than normal but should I do a daily feeding schedule as I would a bluey this size at a younger age or should I feed every few days?

2) I have a large prepared enclosure outdoors, and am for now keeping it in a temporary smaller container inside until it outgrows it or the beginning of summer (I live in the region this lil guy is native to so temperature isn’t an issue and it’s southern hemisphere so summer starts in November). Should I be judging when to move it up based on its age or its size?

3) As previously mentioned it’s a good climber, and its small size and light weight allow it to climb its almost full length to the top of the current enclosure. Is there a good way to mitigate this, or is this a non issue?

Any advice you have would be greatly appreciated, I’ve done my research but there isn’t a lot on runts so any first hand advice would be great! I’m looking to get it checked some point over the next week as well to rule out any issues and get some advice.

Thank you!

(Pic is from when I first got them, hand and basil leaves for scale)
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