Breeding feeder snails - What species?

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Breeding feeder snails - What species?

Postby Silver » Sat May 11, 2024 10:21 am

For those who feed snails, particularly those breeding their own, what species do you use?

I only have one skink (northern), and while breeding snails for one animal might seem a bit much, I know they're a large part of their wild diet and would like to include them. I feel he does get a good variety in his diet already, snails would be a great, natural addition. I also keep ducks and they would absolutely love some snails now and again.

A few options I have considered...

Giant african land snails (Achatina fulica probably?) - I had these as a kid. Very easy to breed (to the point of being overwhelming lol). A full grown GAL would be too big but wouldn't be hard to grow out hatchlings to a good size, feed some live, cull some and freeze and feed frozen/thawed perhaps.

Helix aspersa - Garden snails. Found some supposedly captive bred. Never kept them, no idea how prolific they are, but stay a much smaller size?

Aquatic snails - Seems very unnatural. But there is a wide variety of species and sizes available in the aquarium hobby and many are prolific... but I lean away from this option.

I have found rarely some reptile shops (online usually) provide feeder snails. They aren't the cheapest option and no clue what species they are, so I don't know about them. Where possible I do like to breed my own feeders - right now that's just dubias, mealworms and wax moths. I buy in locusts, silkworms, earthworms and flies (for various species I keep not all for my skink).

But I also think keeping a pair or two of healthy snails could be its own fun project, I enjoyed keeping them as a kid.

Anyway, sorry for the big ramble. Interested to hear what people's thoughts are!

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