Missing bluey has returned!!

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Missing bluey has returned!!

Postby Mamashalis » Wed May 01, 2024 11:34 pm

Oh my lord! Our beloved Bingo has returned!

In early January, we discovered that someone had left our enclosure door slightly open and our 1 year old Bingo had escaped.

We searched high and low for days and days..
we put food out, water out, we moved the heat lamp to certain areas to try and entice her (?) out and nothing…

We continued to search for weeks on end and found absolutely no sign of her anywhere.

Occasionally we thought we heard her at night but again, absolutely no sign of her..

We had essentially given up, assumed that perhaps one of our kids had taken her outside and didn’t want to say anything although when we mentioned it, there didn’t appear to be any guilt there.

It was only yesterday that we started talking about moving the enclosure has we were almost certain that she wasn’t coming back. Temp has dropped here in recent weeks, it’s freezing and we were sure she wouldn’t have survived this long without food and water.

And then today, after approx 3 and a half months of being missing, Bingo turns up, just strolling across the tiles underneath the table her enclosure is set up on.

Bingo appears to be in good spirits, she’s back in her enclosure sunning herself, drinking lots of water but not too interested in food. She seems to have grown a huge amount but also thinned out HEAPS!

We had read that they can go missing for a long time, but we had given up hope. We are SO THRILLED we have found her!

Is there anything we should look out for now that’s she’s been out for so long?

Also, now I’m worried she will be sad as she’s gone from living the free life for the last 3.5 months and is now back in her enclosure… I kind of feel guilty…

Any words of reassurance?
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Re: Missing bluey has returned!!

Postby splashy07 » Thu May 02, 2024 5:15 am

I can sympathize, I've had it happen more than once but not for more than a few days. Don't worry about emotional distress, I'm sure your pet will be happy back in the cage where there is food and it is warm. Good luck!
They do reappear eventually and can go without for a surprising amount of time.

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