Skink not eating or drinking.

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Skink not eating or drinking.

Postby kurie » Sun Feb 25, 2024 10:16 am

Hello everybody, I am a new owner and have had my BTS for about a month and a half now, he had just shed when i got him. He took a while to get used to the new environment but began behaving regularly, but in the past week or so he hasn’t ate or drank a thing, he hasn’t moved much and at one point didn’t move for about a day and a half. He hasn’t done much the whole time i’ve had him and i’m not sure how to help with that because he’s still quite afraid of me and always scuttles away when i open the doors to spray or put in some food. Due to what the previous owner had said and admittedly some negligence of my own he didn’t have uvb until quite recently. I’m worried sick about him and would really appreciate any advice.
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Re: Skink not eating or drinking.

Postby Janella » Sun Feb 25, 2024 2:50 pm

Can you provide some more information? What species do you have? What are your temps? Humidity? What is your enclosure set up/etc?

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