Advice on skink please.

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Advice on skink please.

Postby rkgrossen » Tue Mar 21, 2023 10:50 am

I am hoping to get some opinions on an issue I am having with my buddy. I have a northern bts that is about 9 months old. Not sure but think might be a he based on stuff found in water bowl. Up to this point has been a reliable water and was being fed 3 times a week on cat food. For about the last month has stopped eating. Still active and acting normal otherwise. Sandy did take a treat of a piece of scrambled egg this past week but nothing else. Since acting normal not sure if I should be worried or calling vet yet. He was at 19 inches and 700 grams but has now dropped to 680. I am not sure if I was overfeeding or since is a boy could be something with looking for a girl and not food ,although I thought to young for that, or something more serious. I will include pics of water bowl that makes me thing boy and current body condition. Any opinions from a more knowledgeable keeper would be appreciated on 1 is a boy possibly and 2 the eating thing. Thank you.
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Re: Advice on skink please.

Postby vana » Thu Mar 30, 2023 9:27 am

Randomly stopping eating is not uncommon for skinks, esp if the temperature drops.

You only mentioned feeding animal food to your skink. If that is the case, you should change your diet to include roughly half plant foods. An all cat food diet will give your skink gout, which is fatal. :(

Not all plant foods are equally good, this chart shows the different nutritional values of plants:


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