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Everything Blue Tongues! Have a question? Just got a BTS and want to introduce yourself? This is the place!
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In this forum all are welcome to ask blue tongue skink-related questions, share information, ideas, tips, experiences, and pictures with fellow BTS enthusiasts.
If you are wondering if your BTS is acting normally or might be sick, this is where you can get help with that.
This is also where you can have some FUN while sharing the enjoyment you get from your blueys!
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Browsing Tidbits, Guidelines, & Helpful Hints

Postby Zach » Fri Mar 12, 2004 5:12 am

Forum Browsing Tips & Tidbits

• This forum has a built in Private Messaging system! Send private messages to your friends in complete anonymity. You can access your private messages by clicking the appropriate link at the top of any of the forum pages. Your mailbox contains an Inbox, Sentbox, Outbox, and Savebox. Inbox contains all messages that are sent to you by other users. Sentbox contains messages that your recipients have received. Outbox shows messages that have not been picked up yet by your recipients, and the Savebox is where you can save and keep safe any message you want.

• We also have a Live Chat that is implemented into the forum. It is located at the top of each page directly above your private messages, and also at the bottom of the Forum Index.

• There is a Refresh link located at the top and bottom of each page for easy page reloading.

• Click the BlueTongueSkinks.Net Forums & Classifieds logo at any time to return to the General Discussion area.

• Tired of reaching for your mouse to hit submit after typing up a post? Try hitting Alt-S!
    -Upgrade to Firefox 2.0 and Alt-S no longer works? In Firefox type: about:config as if you were typing a website, and hit ENTER (or GO/Green Arrow)

    You will notice a "Filter" at the top of the list, type or paste following: ui.key.generalAccessKey

    When you get the single result, double click on it, and change the value you have there (most likely -1) to 18.

    Click OK, and close Firefox and re open it. You will be able to submit posts in forums by using ALT+S as always.

• There are two ways to respond to a post. You may type in the Quick Reply box, or, you may click "Reply" and type your message that way. You will not have access to the smiley box when using the Quick Reply (unless you have memorized your favorite smiley codes).

• Answering someone's specific question or post? It helps to use the Quote feature. Instead of clicking "Reply", try clicking "Quote" in the top right-hand corner of every post. Using this feature will include the designated person's previous message in your post so everyone knows who you are addressing. This is especially useful when there are several conversations going on in one thread.

• There is always a seasonal icon under the "BlueTongueSkinks.Net Forums & Classifieds" logo. Clicking this icon will bring you to the bottom of whatever page you are on. Contrariwise, there are also "Back to top" links on the left of each post on the forum. These can be useful so you are not always scrolling up and down during fast paced conversations.

• This forum has a unique memory feature installed. You can come and go as much as you wish, and your account will remember which posts you have viewed, and which you haven't. Normally on these types of boards, once you leave, all your posts will be marked read (even if you have not read them!).

Posting New Topics

• Clicking "New Topic" will of course begin a new topic for conversation. Please keep it BTS related, that is, don't post a new topic about a rock concert you went to last night, etc. We do have an "Off Topic" thread, so feel free to post whatever you wish there. Generally, any and all animal related threads are acceptable as a new thread. We are much more lenient with regular members as they are very familiar with everyone and know what to post and what not to post. Once you reach around 100 posts or so, you will usually be recognized as a regular member and may even be added to the member's page!

• The term "thread" simply refers to a topic. So saying, "I'm starting a new topic" is the same as saying "I'm starting a new thread". You will see this term a lot while browsing the forum.

• Please DO NOT revive old threads! This is incredibly confusing because when someone writes in a topic, that topic is brought back to the top of the forum. People open and read the topic thinking it's current news when it's actually information posted months or sometimes even years past. Generally, threads 2 months or older we ask be left alone.

• If you participate in regular conversation and frequently create new posts, it REALLY helps when individuals use proper punctuation and grammar. While perfect spelling and grammar is never expected, sometimes it is so bad that it almost becomes unreadable. For example: "Im loooost i neeed help now lolol my skinkk mite be sick what do i do no $ for vet bills hlp plz thx". This type of writing seems to be overtaking children in the dawn of cell phone text messaging. Please! Not everyone understands this type of "shortcut" grammar. Your questions will often be overlooked and disregarded as not even serious. Please use proper grammar whenever possible!


Image 1 post
Image 100 posts
Image 500 posts
Image 800 posts
Image 1000 posts
Image 3000 posts
Image 5000+ posts

Image A user recognized as being especially generous with their time and advice. Typically awarded after one year of active membership. "Quality posting" is also taken into consideration. This means that the quantity of a user's posts does not always reflect quality.

Image Moderator

Image Longstanding member

Image Special recognition for the "old timers" of blue tongue keeping. These are the guys (usually from down under) who have owned blueys essentially their whole lives. It can be awkward seeing an American site pop up claiming BTS as our pets and favorite terrarium subjects. This rank is for the true hobbyists of BTS, the Australian bushmen, and those who have been keeping BTS longer than many of us have been alive.

Uploading/Posting Pictures/Avatars/Signatures

• The easiest way to post a picture is to use our "UploadPic" feature. Simply start a new topic, or respond to a message, and upload the picture from your computer. It can also be accessed directly from QuickReply. Please keep in mind that pictures uploaded using this feature will be cleared out periodically. For permanent storage, use your personal photo album (explained below).

• Every member is allowed their own personal photo album. You can access this from the forum index, or by clicking the appropriate link which is located directly above your 'Profile' link at the top of each page. Please keep them animal related. BTS pictures are encouraged #1 of course, but other pets are allowed as well. Please refrain from uploading non-animal related pictures as people aren't here to view pictures of bikes and cars!

    Note: Are you getting this message? "Your uploaded file is too large or corrupted". This means your picture is too large. Your pictures must be UNDER 200k unless you have special permission. Just size your picture down, and try again. If you don't know how, seek help on the forum, and someone will help you.

• Looking to have your own picture attached to every post you make? This is called an avatar. You may post a direct http address in your profile (no hot linking; this means copying an internet address and using that picture for your avatar), or simply upload your picture to our server using the "Browse" feature. Please be sure avatars are blue tongued skink related pictures only (unless you have special permission). This helps keep the forum BTS related, and prevents weird "off-base" avatars from being used. You'd be amazed at some of the avatars we've pulled off.

• You may also post pictures for show ON the actual forum. The easiest way to do this is simply paste the http address in the forum field, highlight it, and hit the IMG button. If you don't hit the IMG button, the post will just show up as a link, which also works fine because people can just click to view the picture. If you don't know how to upload your own pictures, use our photo album! Note: Your http address MUST end with a .jpg or .gif extension for posting in the actual body of your post. Many free picture hosting websites use a system that actually stores your photos ON a webpage. So in essence, you're not posting a picture, you're posting the webpage. These sites include any system that uses the Next & Previous functions. You may still post the link so people can view your picture, but the actual picture might not be viewable in the body of the post.

Additional Picture Hosting Sites

• Signatures can be edited in your profile. They are typically used for listing your blue tongued skinks and other reptiles/animals. Please keep them relatively short, and refrain from using images. This keeps the forum looking clean and from being bogged down.


These boards are provided for you to share tips, experiences and photographs with fellow blue tongued skink enthusiasts, and generally get the most enjoyment out of your pet.

Because these are rules, right up front we want to let you know that we strongly discourage "slam" postings to our boards. By slam postings, we mean posts that make declarative, subjective statements such as, "Your blue tongue is horribly ugly", etc. Such posts will be removed from our site, as will any posting that refers to your fellow board users, or our moderators in a derogatory manner.

Please remember, our message board moderators are the resident experts on these boards. Often you will see they are answering or commenting on messages posted to our boards in an attempt to help out a fellow member. They watch the posts on the boards carefully and when it is needed, they post messages to keep the board "on-track" and functioning smoothly. Basically, the moderators' sole purpose is to help keep our message boards a friendly, functional community.

Please refrain from the use of vulgar language, harassment of other users, racial or ethnic slurs, sexism, or slander. Please keep in mind that children do browse these forums. BlueTongueSkinks.NET is committed to maintaining a threat-free environment for its members and customers. Vulgar language includes casual swearing and abbreviating. We have had members who do not understand this concept, so even if it may be questionable, please do not post it, or ask a moderator. Remember, we have children that regularly browse the forum for info on their pets. "Cheating" the censor system is considered a worse offense since the user is intentionally breaking rules.

Do not use inappropriate images on our forums - ones endorsing pornography, software piracy; or those that "slam" any individual or company. Please do not publicly re-post private email without the express written permission of the e-mail's original sender (e-mail is protected by copyright). Do not publicly re-post private discussions with others that were held over messaging clients without permission from all the other owners (participants) of the messages. Do not attempt to impersonate other forum members, and/or forum moderators/administrators. Such an attempt will not be successful and it is an offense that will get you banned from the forums - no ifs, ands, or buts about it - this is non-negotiable. Out of courtesy to other forum users and our moderators we expect you to use only one username on our forums. Creating and posting under multiple accounts may result in immediate termination of all accounts.

If you do not like these rules, please do not post. If you break these rules, we reserve the right to revoke your posting privileges and/or terminate your account without notice. We also reserve the right to terminate/ban any user, temporarily or permanently, without reason.

Guidlines & Instructions for Classifieds

In order to ensure that the classifieds board runs efficiently we request the following basic guidelines be adhered to:

1) State your name and location i.e. County or Town/City
2) Give a valid contact number or email address
3) State as detailed as possible the description of the animal(s) for sale.

Please note that animals subject to the Dangerous Wild Animals act or any endangered or venomous species will not be permitted for sale on this board.

For members who are advertising 'want ads' please give full details of what you are looking for and a valid contact number or address.

This forum is for the sale of small breeding surpluses, not for the advertisement of commercial or large amounts of stock.

Any ads not meeting these guidelines will be deleted without explanation.

Classifieds Helpful Hints

• There are 3 ways to reply to an ad. Email, private message, or simple reply. Replies are the recommended way to ask a question because it's public, and it may answer someone else's question.

• The top announcement thread lists breeders approved by our site to have in the past, or currently, be breeding top quality BTS. Check it often to read about the top BTS breeder's annual projects.

• Registration IS required to post an ad, but anyone is free to browse, or ask questions without being registered.


• Sellers and buyers are completely responsible for working out the sale and exchange of goods or live animals.

• Sellers and buyers must resolve any disputes that may arise from Classifieds transactions. It is important to use care throughout your dealings with other people. Ask a forum moderator for advice on a seller, or if you think an ad seems suspicious.

• Sellers and buyers are responsible for researching and complying with any applicable laws, regulations or restrictions on items/animals, or manner of sale or exchange that may pertain to transactions in which they participate.

• Sellers and buyers are responsible for all applicable taxes and for all costs incurred by participating on the BlueTongueSkinks.NET Classifieds.

• You may not use or manipulate this service for any fraudulent activity or purpose, including collecting payment from buyers and not providing the item or animal purchased, or filing false claims for insurance payments.

• You must accurately describe the item or animal you are selling. You may not include any language in your ad (including the ad title) which may confuse potential buyers or cause your ad to be included in search results. This includes inventing your own names or 'phases' to make your reptile sound 'special' or rare.

• You may not link to, post, or include advertisements for goods or animals that you do not have the right to link to or include. You also may not include any content or images in your ad that are obscene, offensive, harmful to minors, invasive of anyone's privacy, or otherwise inappropriate.

• BlueTongueSkinks.NET, in its sole discretion, may terminate any Classified listing or your BlueTongueSkinks.NET account immediately and without notice if (a) We believe that you have acted inconsistently with the spirit or the letter of these Terms of Service or the BlueTongueSkinks.NET Classifieds Guidelines, or (b) We believe you have violated or tried to violate the rights of others.

• The administrator shall not be found responsible for lashings and verbal assault resulting from violation of "Leigh's Law" by other members should you fail to possess a digital camera necessary for taking photographs of your blue-tongued skinks.

• Please help us keep BlueTongueSkinks.NET an enjoyable and positive experience for all who visit. If you see a listing that violates our rules, please let us know by private message or email.

• We reserve the right to change or modify these guidelines at any time.

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