Skink Drained of Energy; Sleeping Constantly

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Skink Drained of Energy; Sleeping Constantly

Postby 40colby » Mon Mar 15, 2021 7:45 pm

I have a Northern Blue Tongue Skink (my uploaded picture is from a few years ago). I live in California and he usually semi hibernates from late October through mid April. During this time it gets cold at night and my apartment temperature gets down to 65 or so. I always have his heat lamp on during the day. He will come out every week or two, sun himself under the lamp daily, and be active for a stretch of a few days, possibly eat, and then go back under for another week or two and repeat this process until April. When he comes out under the heat lamp or wherever, he may nap but easily awakens if I walk by

Sunday was different. He came out and laid under his heat lamp asleep for 4-6 hours asleep to the point I was getting concerned that he might overheat himself (as I've heard this can happen if they are left out in sunlight with no shade options). Then I noticed that he was bubbling from his mouth which has never happened before. Normally when he sleeps under the lamp he easily awakens. In this case, he was like in a deep stupor. When he finally woke up he jumped as he was startled by my presence which has never happened before. Since yesterday he has been TOTALLY drained of energy... If I pick him up he'll open his eyes for a minute and then he's off to sleep again. He does not move at all and just stays in whatever spot I left him at. Prior to Sunday, he was doing fine.

I took him to the Vet today and they performed an X-ray which appeared normal, gave him a vitamin B shot, and some antibiotics which they also passed onto me to give him for the next few days. While he has not been bubbling at the mouth, when I pick him up, he does seem to be chomping his mouth/tongue quite a bit which is abnormal for him.

Normally when he brumates in the cold end of his aquarium, he is out like a light and kind of like in a semi-coma which I guess is normal for brumating. I was hoping that maybe this episode has to do with brumating, but what makes me think it isn't is that he was seeking the heat and then falling asleep under it for 4-6 hours and he had bubbles coming from his mouth which has never happened in the 7 years that I've had him.

Any thoughts? Thanks. John
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