What does gout look like in blue tongues?

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What does gout look like in blue tongues?

Postby Y33T » Thu May 14, 2020 3:58 am

Bajo’s toes look a little larger than usual I’m not sure if this is possible gout or it just looks a little weird bc he’s due to shed (hence his dull colouration). Or maybe he’s overweight, ive been giving him a tad too much bc I also have another blue tongue that’s huge so I’m used to giving him bigger meals, Bajo is half his size. I didn’t feed him this week to prep him for brumation. When spring comes I’ll put him on a diet.

He gets fed once a week, high quality grain free dog food and veg, I keep fruit as a rare-ish treat like once a month. Last meal he had was turkey and chicken dog food and rocket mix.
Basking spot is around 40-42’C
Cool end is 21’C
Humidity is 56%
Currently no UVB but I recently got an outdoor enclosure so he can get some natural sun, though I probably won’t put it to good use bc it’s almost winter.
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Re: What does gout look like in blue tongues?

Postby Janella » Thu May 14, 2020 5:43 pm

He looks fine to me. I don't see anything wrong. A close up of the foot my help better though.

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