Halmahera care? Definite guide?

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Bluey Beginner
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Halmahera care? Definite guide?

Postby Q.Ilyan » Tue May 12, 2020 10:40 pm

So I've based my care for Halm's on many sources. Including here.

Basking: 100f range

Hot side: Mid 90s

Cold side: Low to Mid 80s. There's pockets of colder areas because I have cork flats buried where he can hide into.

Humidity: 80% to 90%

Recently I came across someone who keeps their Halmahera with 80% constant humidity. From what I gather here, Halmaheras thrive in higher humidity upward to 100%. Anything below that long term isn't ideal. And this person keeps theirs outdoors as well. With a basking spot of 80f at highest.

Can someone give me definitive guide to Halmahera care? One that has worked for many others and come as close to their natural habitat.

Another question, I also got a reptifogger recently out of desperation. It is so incredibly dry where I am and constant spraying only raises humidity up to 79% for only an hour or two. I decided on a fogger because it doesn't extremely drench the substrate. My other option was a mister, but due to current events, I have no access. And misters will really wet the substrate.

I have a pvc tank with five slits on both sides. Small incisions and one column is blocked.

Is this fine? I don't have it on 24/7. Only when the humidity is too low. They mentioned that it will cause an RI, which I worry about.

Thank you
Bluey Beginner
Bluey Beginner
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Re: Halmahera care? Definite guide?

Postby Kevin142001 » Sun May 31, 2020 2:26 pm

Did you ever try this? I'm curious to see how it worked. I for the life of me can't keep my humidity up. I can hit 80% sometimes when im blasting the fogger as hard as it'll go. And there's literally clouds in my tank. And the cheapo tank kit hygrometer will say and my digital will read about the same. Then literally 10 minutes later I swear its 45% again.

I have the entire top covered in foil and shirts.using eco earth and sphagnum moss.

I live in Florida where the humidity outside averages 9000% go figure. Ac is at 72 right now and the overhead ceiling fan in my room stays on full speed.

I've noticed turning the fan off the humidity will stay up longer. Dunno how the tops covered pretty well.

I have an indoor room humidifier ordered on its way thats 6 L that I can set a target humidity percentage on. I figure if the rooms also humid I cant lose THAT much from the tank.

Maybe I'm just inexperienced but these pictures look like something is wrong.

I'm not keeping it on all the time either. I'll leave it off for a while, I dont trust the numbers at this point. If he's inhaling clouds of water i feel pretty confident that will lead to a RI as well.

I actually just opened up the foil at the opposite end because maybe all the humidity is just saturating and soaking the left side and isn't moving around as crazy as that sounds. So hopefully those gauges will read better.

Please comment back if your still active here. I have a Halmahera, and this humidity is ridiculous. I can't figure out why this is so hard. My tanks conspiring to ve the Sahara Desert. I'd love to hear about what you've tried and what you've discovered.

I'll post back when I find out how the room humidifier helps with the tank.

I'm also considering buying a humidifier controller. Device that measures the humidity and then turns on your fogger plugged into it when the humidity drops too low.

But im not gonna mess with that until I feel more confident about the numbers when doing it manually. Because if I had that thing set to 80% right now. I swear it'll just turn my tank into an aquarium and itll be stuck reading 79% while the fogger never shuts off.l
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