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Lighting Combinations and Arcadia Deep Heat Projector

Posted: Thu May 07, 2020 10:49 am
by EverydayThor
Hi guys!
I'm planning to build a new vivarium and I was wondering which combo makes the most sense:

- Halogen Floodlight PAR38 + T5 UVB + CHE for nighttime
- Arcadia Deep Heat Projector + T5 UVB
- Mercury Vapor Bulb + CHE

My current viv has a halogen basking light, a T5 UVB and a CHE for nighttime. I'd like to optimize and only use two lights and one thermostat for day and night.
It gets cold some times in winter (scratches around the 60F / 15C mark) so I guess I'll still stick with night time heat.

Does anyone have experience with Arcadia's DHP? It's not glowing red and is supposedly not affecting the day/night cycle. Can someone confirm that? In that case, I could run that with a thermostat with 2 settings to provide heat day and night with the DHP and light with the UVB?

Thanks a lot!
Take care

Re: Lighting Combinations and Arcadia Deep Heat Projector

Posted: Fri Jun 19, 2020 4:54 pm
by Manny
Hello there,

I am planning on using the Arcadia line of Lights etc and have actually been emailing with their Head of Science and innovation guy. My goal was to fill the full spectrum of terrestrial light in the set up I would like to build. The cage size is 4x2x2 and the optimum distance that I estimated once putting in substrate etc would be around 15 - to 18 inches to the animals back. In order to do this and create both a vertical and horizontal gradient of light it would take a minimum of 3 lights and the DHP.

As far as the DHP is concerned their claim is, it does not interrupt the night time cycle and does provide UVA & UVB. Making it quite nice to have in the array. Especially if you live in an area where you might need to provide some type of heat at night. The content provider over at Leopard Gecko (Rebecca) does use the DHP and seems to be quite taken with it. A suggestion if you decide to go that route put something like a dark piece of slate under that site. That will heat up nicely and provide a good level belly heat. :)

If your interested in me posting the actual way to setup those 3 lights and DHP let me know. I can post it here.