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Humidity Questions

Posted: Thu May 07, 2020 6:26 am
by ale4321
Hi everyone!
I’ve searched a bit, and there are a few posts that cover it, but I can’t seem to find exactly what I’m looking for!
We just recently got a 4 month old Irian Jaya, and I want to make sure I’m making the best home possible for him (or her)!

1. I can’t seem to keep his humidity above 50%. I’ve added a humid hide for him... does this “replace” the humidity in the rest of the enclosure? Or does that ALSO need to remain high?
2. Last night he burrowed and slept in his humid hide... is this okay? He loves to burrow and typically burrows every evening when he’s ready to sleep, but I just wanted to make sure burrowing/sleeping in the humid hide is okay.

Thank you all so much!!

Re: Humidity Questions

Posted: Thu May 07, 2020 8:09 am
by mb606587
1. A humid hide does not completely absolve the need for humidity, however I believe most Irian Jayas will do well with a baseline humidity at 50%, assuming it doesn't spike lower, especially with an option to retreat to more humid areas. If you have not done so, reduce the ventilation in your enclosure. If you have a screen top, common with aquarium set ups, tape off the screen with foil tape, leaving only a bit of ventilation left. This will keep the humid air from rising and immediately escaping. Experiment with different substrates. I use a blend of organic top soil, coco coir (or Eco Earth as it's marketed at the pet store), peat mulch, and play sand (no more than 25% of the blend). Top it all off with heaps of sphagnum moss. Make sure you are measuring humidity with a digital hygrometer and not one of the cheap dials that stick to the wall. Monitor your skink's sheds and scales. If your skink isn't retaining any shed, especially on the toes, and the scales are smooth and appear well hydrated, your skink should have adequate humidity.

2. Yes, my hides are stuffed with damp moss which my skinks sleep in every night. Normal behavior.

Re: Humidity Questions

Posted: Thu May 07, 2020 5:02 pm
by mb606587
Also, unless you are sure that you have an IJ, post a picure. IJ's are rarely bred in captivity, and many of the imported skinks are often mislabeled by pet stores and expos. So while your humidity is likely fine for an IJ, on the off chance that you actually have one of the other subspecies of Indonesian skinks, the humidity may be low.