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Food question

Posted: Wed Apr 29, 2020 6:43 am
by Elerida
Hello everyone!

A tiny little question about feeding. The last few months, my skink refuse to eat his dubia roaches. However, he eats zophobas/canned food/eggs/vegetables/etc. I asked the breeder, and he said don't feed him for a while. Like as the forum guide - if the skink is picky, he isn't hungry. But it doesn't help - the lizard still refused to eat the roaches, even after two weeks without food (I tryed to give him roaches every 3 days).
Maybe some of you now if there is a way "to learn" the skink for eating roaches? Because in the past he was eating them well.... Or better to try different kinds of roaches? I don't want to feed him with crickets, because I don't have a different room to keep them, and their calls annoying me.

The skink is 11 month old, if it matter for something.

Re: Food question

Posted: Wed Apr 29, 2020 7:05 am
by splashy07
A few of mine completely grew out of eating insects at all. Don't worry if he won't eat them, his diet sounds fine. That's one of the attributes of these guys, you don't have to feed them insects.

Re: Food question

Posted: Mon May 04, 2020 1:26 am
by Elerida
I thought that I should switch between insects and other protein resource. Thank you!