Hardened nail shed removal help

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Hardened nail shed removal help

Postby Q.Ilyan » Mon Apr 27, 2020 1:44 pm

I'm having trouble removing a very old shed on my halmahera bts. I usually give him a bath if there is any stuck shed on him, but most of the time he gets them off fine since I increase his humidity when he sheds.

I must have missed this one single nail. Multiple times. I admit i've been busy due to the current corona issue and haven't given him baths. The only reason I noticed this time is that it has raised a single scale on his toes. There are no swelling or browning on the toe, but it is worrying me. My vet might be closed, but I will call. If I could remedy this at home, the better. Vet is still an option.

The shed has been hardened now and I've tried giving him a bath for 15 minutes, then gently rubbing it downward with a moist paper towel. I also tried q tips and cloth, but it looks like it's really stuck. I'm worried if I force it too much he will bleed, or get a wound that might become infected.

Not sure what other method I should do.

He does have a huge water bowl he can soak into if he wants, but he doesn't do that a lot anyway. His humidity is 70% to 90%, fluctuating in between throughout the day.

He has moss, mulch, eco earth as substrate.
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Re: Hardened nail shed removal help

Postby Janella » Mon Apr 27, 2020 6:21 pm

Try some mineral oil to loosen the stuck shed. Rub gently. Keep soaking twice daily for 20 minutes to help too.

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