Tanimbar Blue Tongue Skink - Tips & Concerns

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Tanimbar Blue Tongue Skink - Tips & Concerns

Postby Skinklet_JS » Mon Mar 09, 2020 7:10 pm

Hi all!
Recently, my partner and I have welcomed a blue-tongue skink into our home; this will be my second (first was a beautiful Indonesian), this is his first.

Upon purchase, the owner (at the time) was keeping her in a 5-sided (almost 6) wooden box 2.5ftL., 1ftW,, 1ftH.,very cramped. There was only one hide and you could see the wooden bottom from there being barely any substrate(no way she could burrow). Seeing these conditions, I immediately made arrangements for a 75gallon tank furnished with two hides, at least 3 inches of substrate and a few other items (heat lamps, decoration, dishes, ect).
I was later informed (during the transaction) by the owner that she was a tanimbar, sexed female, and who had been unfriendly and displayed often. (Also to mention that he would try to feed her salmon/ tuna cat foods and other toxic foods). Despite this, we took her in (she needed a place to breathe!).

Since bringing her home, she has not displayed her tongue, though will chuff when touched (stays still when handling, which has been kept to a minimum) and has clearly enjoyed burrowing and climbing around her environment. With enough exposure to us in the room, she will come out of her hides and explore/bask(albeit with cautious reservations). Her hot side is between 90-95, the cool around 75-80 degrees (we have the means to increase to hot side temp to over 100 (250W incandescent bulb)). The tank's moss is humidified every morning and the general bark/coco-husk mix sprayed down. For now, we've been feeding her a variety mix of canned food (to wane her off), zuchini, banana and boiled eggs (fed every 3rd-4rth day).

While being a tanimbar (feisty reputations), I wonder if that temperament might be somewhat soothed with (this time around) living in a proper environment. She already displays such energetic personality(!) we are willing to be as patient as necessary not to push/stress her out, we want to do what's in her best interest while hopefully conveying that we are peaceful, trustworthy room-mates!

Tl;Dr: Does anyone have either experience, tips, advice and/or special considerations for tanimbar blue-tongue skinks?

Much appreciated!

A skink lover.
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Re: Tanimbar Blue Tongue Skink - Tips & Concerns

Postby kayla990 » Thu Mar 12, 2020 12:35 am

Sounds like you're doing everything correctly - great you've taken it away from the previous owner based on how it was kept. The only addition I would suggest would be to have a hygrometer (if you don't yet), just for keeping check on humidity for the future.

There are definitely stories around of them becoming friendly/accepting. I know I saw two at a breeder, which looked chilled out. It does seem they overall are more huffy, but as always - it's down to individuals and what they've experienced. Arguably, with enough careful and positive interactions, they should come around. Keep us updated :D
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