UVB CFL light - ripped off?

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Bluey Beginner
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UVB CFL light - ripped off?

Postby lalat » Sun Mar 01, 2020 2:23 am

So i walk onto my favorate repile/pet store today, knowing what I want why I want it and what ill pay.

alas I was $100 lighter
i got sold 2 ceramic fittings,
one I agree with, for the heat bulb
the second, im finding the UVB running cold enough to put in a desklamp

soo, is ceramic needed for UVB or not?
ive not opened it yet. 19.95 each sadly

thanks :)
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Re: UVB CFL light - ripped off?

Postby kingofnobbys » Sun Mar 01, 2020 4:28 am

Well , you can run a 26W compact in a standard e27 (plastic) socket. These are hard to find ( as I discovered when I wanted a sparky to replace my old corroded 20 year old back outdoor light socket with an e27 socket rather than a bayonet fitting ( easier to replace and more secure ).

The dome fitings (clamp lights) available here (in Australia from pet shops) seem to be all ceramic , better IMO.
This gives the buyer the option of fitting a hot running globe if they choose to ie a domestic floodglobe, a reptile neodymium flood, an mvb or a che in the fitting.

Of cause you could have visited a Kmart or BigW and bought a standard clamp lamp (bedlamp) . I don't like your chance of finding one with a e27 type socket though.

Took a look for domestic ready wired e27 fittings , found one
https://www.micalighting.com.au/adapt1- ... ylEALw_wcB ($30 + postage)
Bunnings have no e27 fittings listed that can be hung pendulum style , the only one they list is https://www.bunnings.com.au/deta-e27-ed ... r_p4430709
and LRA have https://www.lampreplacements.com.au/Pro ... lite-Black
and you'll need to pay a sparky to wire either up and then you need a reflector dome to concentrate the UV from the UVB CFB.
A sparky will charge you $150 just put a foot in the door (if you can find one interested in doing the job).

I've never seen any CFB UVB bayonet fitting globes ( offered by Exo Terra , Zoo Med or Arcadia ) .So no not really ripped off.

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