How to help the poor guy?

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Bluey Beginner
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How to help the poor guy?

Postby Stega » Thu Feb 20, 2020 10:54 am

So i've had my bluey Monstro for almost three years now. I got him from a user on here (StaceyLeigh) when he was a few months old. Now hes grow into a strong lovely male bluey and will turn 3 on 5/29/2020. I love this guy to death, but I feel like i'm not providing as much as I could. I'm talking about some intercourse. I've seen him every mating season wanting out super badly and most likely wanting to find a girlfriend. Now as of right now i'm not in a situation to buy a female skink for him as I don't have a lot of money to spend ATM and I have no room for her :D . But I feel bad for him and want to know if there is something I can do for him. The most I have done is I take him out of his tank and let him roam around, but he tends to be very agitated and gets pretty hyper once I set him down. So any suggestions? I've thought about trying to find someone near me with a female BTS who would be willing to let Monstro mate with her, but i'm not very sure about doing so or the whole process after words cause wouldn't I basically have some sort of ownership of the babies (I dont understand BTS relationship laws XD)?

Thank you for any and all responses
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Re: How to help the poor guy?

Postby splashy07 » Thu Feb 20, 2020 11:19 am

Males will do this whether they breed or not. (I am a breeder.) A few of my males go into season around the end of January and do not settle down until mid-March. The females usually settle down right after but my males continue to tear up their cages well after they're done with what they had to do.

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