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Cleaning your reptile

Posted: Wed Dec 04, 2019 11:42 am
by Megz
Hi everyone,

So today my skink Gizmo had a big fresh wet poop that i tried to spot-clean however just as I got to his tank he decided it would be fun to walk right through it and get poop all over himself. :| I spot-cleaned the spot nonetheless and wiped down the poo smears I could see.

I know about cleaning and disinfecting the tank itself, but my question is more about disinfecting/cleaning your reptile. I usually them him into a clean sink with about 1-2inches of luke warm water and i let him sit in it for a couple minutes, and then i rub him down with a dry paper towel. Is that enough though? Is there a solution or something i can add to help disinfect him from the germs.

I usually let him out and he'll sit on the couch with me so I just dont want these types of germs spreading everywhere. Granted i know that they are 'germy' regardless being reptiles but i suppose seeing him walk through it really got to me lol.

Any thoughts?

Re: Cleaning your reptile

Posted: Wed Dec 04, 2019 12:12 pm
by splashy07
A quick bath or wipe down is enough. Everything comes off easily with the type of 'skin' they have.