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The behavior of my blue tongue

Posted: Mon Nov 25, 2019 3:48 am
by Cassbaby933
Please read to the end.

I found an injuried wild blue tongue skink about a month ago and I'm rehabilitating the blue tongue skink and helping get back to full health. The skink has sustained injuries to it's head and back. At this stage, it has lost moved in it back legs as well as in it tail. But over the past month, the tail is getting more responsive and the legs are gaining movement.

I am currently keeping blue tongue skink permanently unless a full recovery is achieved otherwise it would die back in the wild.

The blue tongue skinks injuries are healing extremely well. (According the vet). And there is no mits and no Neuro, and no respiratory issues. However, the vet didn't sex as didn't want to put the skink into distress with the injuries.

Tonight, my neighbour came over with her blue tongue (which is male) and we observed my blue tongue behavouring quiet strangely. It was shaking the head back and forth while showing the tongue.

I've tired googling this but nothing has come up. My partner and I and my neighbour are familiar with blue tongue and other reptiles. But we haven't seen this behaviour before.

Any advice and help is welcome.

Re: The behavior of my blue tongue

Posted: Mon Nov 25, 2019 6:01 am
by splashy07
First of all, best of luck with the rehabilitation, you are a saint in my eyes to do so. That is common male/male behavior. Most often, adult males do not like the presence of another male, even if it is not breeding season.