Please help identify this BTS

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Please help identify this BTS

Postby Degobah99 » Wed Mar 13, 2019 5:17 am

I’m considering adopting this BTS. “He” is believed to be a 5 year old male. Bought directly from a breeder with damage to the tail from being housed with other BTS. Scars on his neck from being left out and the owner’s dogs attacked him. Aside from the previous trauma, which I’m perfectly content to look past, I’m not sure of his subspecies. I was leaning towards merauke but have gotten feedback that he might be an Irian Jaya or kei island. Any help would be great! I’ve attached current photos as well as one that was taken a few years ago, prior to his tussle with the dog that left him scarred. I want to make sure he’s housed appropriately with the necessary humidity. Apart from identifying his subspecies; any additional feedback on husbandry would be greatly appreciated as well! Thanks in advance!
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Re: Please help identify this BTS

Postby mb606587 » Wed Mar 13, 2019 3:26 pm

That's a tough one! Looking at the body, I can definitely understand people saying Kei Island but I don't see it in the face/head. So I'm with you on Merauke, even though most are cleaner between the bands. Humidity should be in the 60%-80% range. Use a moisture retaining substrate like cypress mulch or organic top soil mixed with sphagnum moss. If you have trouble maintaining the humidity, cover 3/4 of the screen top or any other ventilation to keep the humid air inside.

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