Not Shedding? and other question

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Not Shedding? and other question

Postby BlueBella » Fri Mar 08, 2019 4:51 am

I'm getting a little worried about Deckard's sheds because it seems like he never does. He used to shed about every 1.5 months but in October when he was due to shed again, he went into brumation and it didn't happen. After brumation he shed a few weeks later. Now its been two months again and it seems like he doesn't even need to shed. The last time its was like this I offered a humid hide, gave him soaks and everything, he just doesn't seem to shed very often. He gets fed once a week, dogfood and sometimes greens, with calcium and d3 supplements every other feeding, temps are good, and humidity is still within range, although its probably lower on the warm end. Is it normal for him to go this long without shedding? He's 1 and a half years old. My other question is how often should I use a multivitamin. I try to use it once a month but it doesn't seem to fit in with the calcium schedule and gets used about every 6 weeks. Is that ok?
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Re: Not Shedding? and other question

Postby mb606587 » Fri Mar 08, 2019 1:10 pm

As Blue Tongue Skinks age, they tend to shed less frequently. It's perfectly normal for them to go several months between sheds. Not something I'd be concerned about. The question regarding use of the multivitamin is directly correlated with the diet you feed. If you're feeding a balanced diet, and your skink is drawing its nutrition through that, then the need to supplement with vitamin powder isn't as necessary. Dog food is great in that most of the vitamins are already added for you by the manufacturer. You don't see anybody sprinkling powders into the food when feeding their dogs, right? So in that aspect, I've actually never used multivitamin powder for my skinks and have not had issues. I still do use the calcium w/d3 however and at the same frequency that you use it. So to answer your question, yes it is okay to use the multivitamin powder once a month as you've been doing with the current diet you're providing.

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