How often can I handle my tamed and comfortable bluey?

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Re: How often can I handle my tamed and comfortable bluey?

Postby splashy07 » Wed Jan 09, 2019 6:22 am

Male Northerns (Which yours obviously is) do not eat much at all during the winter if anything when adults. Younger ones (a year or less) may still eat but they have no interest in daily food. It is coming into breeding season for them, and my males do not eat at all during this period. And the huffing is just what they do. I have seven and eight year olds who will do it when annoyed. It's just their thing, and they will continue to from time to time. Pay no regard if you need to pick him up, he will calm down as soon as he doesn't feel threatened or annoyed anymore.
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Re: How often can I handle my tamed and comfortable bluey?

Postby McBoredFace » Wed Jan 09, 2019 8:13 am

Haha okay :) thanks again guys! You’ve all been so helpful!
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Re: How often can I handle my tamed and comfortable bluey?

Postby kingofnobbys » Wed Jan 09, 2019 9:00 am

McBoredFace wrote:Okay, I’ll remove the mat. But yes I have his basking bulb, uvb, and for night time if it’s too cold I have a red bulb but we don’t use it much cause the temp is usually fine.

As for the huffing, *darn so he’s a little *prissy pants then who nearly tolerates me?? After all I do for that little baby! I mean I basically spoon feed him! And get him the best of food since he’s super picky! And he huffs! What a drama king!
(Totally being sarcastic and silly by the way, I don’t really feel this way about my lovely little shmoopie lol)

Okay I do have another question by the way. He is very picky but do they not eat during the winter? Because when I first got him he ate everyday. Then it started getting cold and it was like every other day. Now he hasn’t eaten in a like a week... he’ll take a little bite cause I shove the food by his face until he licks it cause then he’ll realize he likes it and eat but he’s just taking a bite and walking away. I’ve tried different flavors and brands of the grain free natural dog foods but he’s just not hungry. When he goes to the bathroom it’s just a little white pee and 2 biiiiig balls of his sperm plugs! Way bigger than they used to be ... gross lol but no poop. Is this a problem or is this normal for the winter?

Those red coloured (infrared) globes that give off a visible glow are not suitable, if your skink needs nighttime heat , best to supply this via a ceramic heat emitting globe (mushroom shaped globes that don't give off visible light).

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