Baby Blue not eating and won't come out

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Baby Blue not eating and won't come out

Postby rawraw55 » Sun Dec 23, 2018 7:57 am

We have owed a leopard gecko for about a year now and decided to expand the family with a BTS. We have an awesome place her that sourced us a Baby blue. She is about 4 weeks old. When we brought her home Thursday, she immediately began exploring her tank. After a bit of hissing (which I expected since everything is new) she even let us hand feed her a blueberry. On Friday morning she came out and ate about 11 mealwoms (again, after some posturing she let me place them on her basking rock and ate them one by one). Her water bowl had some dirt in it so we assumed she had been drinking at some point. That afternoon she burrowed in and has refused to come out since. We have been offering fresh food twice a day (greens, cat food, fruit). I know that there is an adjustment period but I am worried about her since she is so young. She is in a 40 gallon tank with eco-earth as the substrate (that's what they had her on where we bought her). Basking end is around 95 degrees and cool end is around 75 degrees. Humidity is around 40%. Any advice you can give?
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Re: Baby Blue not eating and won't come out

Postby mb606587 » Sun Dec 23, 2018 12:25 pm

So if I'm correct, you've had this guy for 2 full days? I wouldn't be too concerned about it not eating everyday yet. What I would be concerned about is getting it a vet check. Your guy is an import. All imports should be screened for internal parasites. They are pretty common among imported reptiles. You can roll the dice and not do it, but there could also be a chance you walk in to find your little guy dead in a few months if he does have them and they're not treated. There are a few recent threads below of new BTS owners finding parasites in their new guys that you can read. Your humidity could use a bump to 60%.

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