Baby Blue not eating and won't come out

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Baby Blue not eating and won't come out

Postby rawraw55 » Sun Dec 23, 2018 7:38 am

We have been Leopard Gecko owners for a year now and decided to expand the family with a little Blue. We did the research and found a great place to buy one. She is about 4 weeks old (see pic). We brought her home on Thursday and she instantly started exploring her tank and burrowing. Although she hissed at us (which I expected since everything is new) she did let us hand feed her a blueberry. Friday morning there was dirt in her water, so we assumed she had been drinking at some point. Friday morning she came out for a bit and had about 11 mealworms which we placed by hand on her basking rock as she was eating them. She then burrowed in and wouldn't come out. Yesterday she did not come out at all. We have been offering food twice a day (greens, fruit and cat food). She is in a 40 gallon tank with eco-earth as the substrate (that's what they had her on at the place we bought her). Tank is around 95 degrees on the basking end and 75 on the cool end.
I know there is an adjustment period but I a concerned about her. Any advice for a newby?
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Re: Baby Blue not eating and won't come out

Postby kingofnobbys » Sun Dec 23, 2018 11:27 pm

Might just be a bit of relocation stress going on, I'd try tempting her with some nice irresistible soft & juicey medium silkworms.

Wont do any harm to offer a few mealworms too (just to get her interested in the food) , of cause she might also take some large BSFL if offered (these are a better option than mealworms nutritionally).

Just keep offering food a couple times a day (live food will be more appealing to her) and give her time to settle in.

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