Which Exo Terra UVB coil type is good for a 2 foot tall vivarium?

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Which Exo Terra UVB coil type is good for a 2 foot tall vivarium?

Postby Y33T » Sun Dec 16, 2018 5:59 pm

I’m gonna still use the coils for the time being until I can finally get a flouro tube. Can I use the strongest one available? Will that suffice for a 2 foot tall vivarium? I currently have a 13w tropical UVB 100 which was obviously too weak and is now too old.
I’m only left with 2 brand options which is Exo Terra or Reptile One because that’s all what my closest pet stores sell.
I know Reptile One UVB should be avoided.
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Re: Which Exo Terra UVB coil type is good for a 2 foot tall vivarium?

Postby mb606587 » Sun Dec 16, 2018 8:57 pm

At the end of the day, BTS aren't super sensitive to their uvb requirements. I think an exo terra 100 bulb would do just fine until you get a linear bulb like you are seeking. I would be more wary about getting too strong of a uvb bulb than not strong enough. Just read the instructions on the box and keep at a safe distance. Most of my guys do fine with no uvb at all so I don't think you need to worry so much about it. Heck most say the best uvb is 20 minutes a day outside in the garden!
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Re: Which Exo Terra UVB coil type is good for a 2 foot tall vivarium?

Postby kingofnobbys » Sun Dec 16, 2018 10:41 pm

I have 2 adult eastern bluetongues & an adult eastern water skink , my practice currently is to run a 26W UVB200 in an Exo Terra NanoHood (not a dome !) mounted under the roof of the BT's tanks , my BT's tanks are made from plywood and are 4ft x 2ft x 18in tall, the basking spots are set up so they are about 8in from the 26W UVB200 globes , this gives a globe coverage of 80cm x 60cm approx which I have found is fine for my two bts.

It is my reading from Brown's reference books that bluetongues (all species) require both UVA & UVB for health , Easterns & Northerns about 150 microW UVB / sq.cm & 200 microW UVB / sq.cm respectively. I espect the Indo BTs coming from locations right under the equator or very nearly so (+/- 5 deg latitude) should have a 10% UVB source .

I will be changing over to Arcadia T5 12%UVB tubes in Slimline Luminaires soon as I get around to constructing the new tanks as my old BT skink tanks are near 10yr old and are due to be refurbished or replaced (easier to mothball and replace with new , this time I'm basing on the CONNECTIT aluminium tubing framing system (to make a more professional and expandable tri- bay set up for my bluetongues & beardie.

The water skink lives in a modified 120L tub that used to be a dragon rearing tank, same set up for UV. She gets the 6 month 26W UVB200 tubes if they are giving off at least 100 microW UVB / sq.cm at 8" from the globe in the nanohood.
I use a Solarmeter 6.2 to check my UVB , and also have a Solarmeter 4.2 to check UVA , and a Solarmeter 6.5 for UVI (but think the model 6.2 and model 4.2 are more useful for monitoring UV emissions.

If you plan on mounting the UV bulb in a dome or hood sitting on top a mesh lid , bare in mind the mesh will obstruct as much as 45% of the UVA & UVB , not a good way to install it. I suggest hanging the hood under the lid (trying to get the basking spot inside 12" from the globe). Ideally you need a small basking area of extreme UVI , a area of moderate UVI and a area of low UVI so the skink can move through a UV gradient as it needs.

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