Out of enclosure time

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Out of enclosure time

Postby Bear9354 » Sun Jul 08, 2018 8:30 pm

I’m getting a Northern Blue Tongue Skink soon as a baby about a month old how long can I keep him out of the enclosure? Also how long when they’re adults or sub adults?
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Re: Out of enclosure time

Postby kingofnobbys » Mon Jul 09, 2018 12:33 am

As a baby …. unless you have a BTS safe room where all the small gaps are filled( baby BTS about 10g - 30g depending how old it is ), including between floor and bottom of door , best option is tp sit on a bed and let it explore you , including shirt pockets , paper towel tubes , and the like , …. they move very fast when they need to.
Play time on near you is OK if it doesn't stress the baby …. I find a great way to befriend a lizard is to have a daily routine where it comes out for a handfeeding session and some fun time (and snuggle …. some are tamer and more people orientated than others at the getgo …. I've been lucky …. my babies were really into snuggles (loved my shirt pocket or to snuggle up in my hand or the crook of my elbow , or up under my neck ….
Start with short periods if the skink hasn't had much human contact and is skittish / scared ( maybe 5 minutes and always give food treats if this the case).

More freedom as they get bigger as juveniles and too big to disappear under door, behind furnature and under furnature …. a good set up is to invest in a KOMODO lamp stand and set up a basking spot in a corner that the skink can visit for a drink and a bask to recharge those batteries …. My two adult BT skinks get the run of the house , we simple close the bedroom doors and the laundry door , mostly they like to stay in the same room as us and love looking out the front window and watching the birds and outside lizards …. I only let one skink or dragon free range at a time .

My big skinks and dragons can have up to 4 hours out (snuggles - long long snuggles) or maybe an hour each day to explore …. if I don't get them each out …. I get the stink eye or they let me know , try to remind me by staring at me while scratching in a corner ….

No interaction with larger lizards , …. especially with little.

I don't take my skinks or dragons outsde …. to dangerous (too many kookaburras, crows, wedgetailed eagles, dogs and free roaming cats about )- not worth the risk.

Never let a cat or dog near a skink.

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