RI battle

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Re: RI battle

Postby Suzle87 » Mon Jun 04, 2018 8:31 am

kayla990 wrote:
Suzle87 wrote:Tried in a box, on a plate alsorts but he just escapes and jiggles about too much for the scales to weigh him,

Haha aww, that's adorable he won't sit still - little rebel! Don't really have any tips that you've not tried xD we've sometimes used food as an incentive to stay, but it's hit or miss if it works! Goodluck if you get different scales :D

Well he’s in a mood with me but I weighed him, 250g currently. I would hazard a guess of 13inches but he doesn’t sit still long enough for me to measure him properly.
I’m presuming a shed is imminent as he’s been hiding all day and actually huffed at me a bit when I got him out to go on the scales! Haha. Bless him, I can’t help but laugh, his scary act just isn’t scary.
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Re: RI battle

Postby kayla990 » Thu Jun 07, 2018 10:52 am

Haha well done with getting him on the scales (despite his huffing! agree it's not a scary threat when you know they are bluffing. The tongue flicks are adorable, 'See.. I'm danger!').

Sounds like a good weight/length proportion, glad he's growing well :D it feels like they shed so often. Ours just finished his latest exploding of scales.. finding them everywhere ^__^
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