Skinny or Healthy?

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Skinny or Healthy?

Postby Jerrytomer » Mon Nov 22, 2021 10:29 am

Hey everyone,
I wanted to know if my 8 months old, Northern Blue Tongue is too skinny or not, and will he have any issues with brumation at this time of the year

Thank You Very Much!
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Re: Skinny or Healthy?

Postby IvanDanko » Thu Nov 25, 2021 3:41 am

Looks perfectly healthy. :thumbs:
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Re: Skinny or Healthy?

Postby sassyp666 » Thu Nov 25, 2021 10:28 am

Hi everyone

I know there is a divide on this for the first year but if you think your BTS doesn't have enough fat reserves in their first winter period do you just let them be and just hope or is there something I look out for and do in an emergency.

First skink and first lizard I have had that actually brumates so I really do want to make sure I get this right and my beauty doesn't die for my lack of experience. I have read tonnes of why to let them and not let them but now that time has come I'm questioning leaving him/her be...

He/she, (would love to know how to sex these too) is only about 5 months old and has had only really about 2 months eating nearly every day to the build up.

I have peaked in on him and it does look like over the past 2-3 weeks he's has noticeably lost seeable weight. Please help settle my nerves.

Thanks in advance.

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