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King Julien
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Bluey Beginner
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Postby King Julien » Mon May 03, 2021 11:44 pm

King j (Eastern BTS) has recently gone into brumation. (In NZ it is about mid/late autumn) From about 2 weeks ago I noticed king j wasn't eating and was hiding more so I proceeded to put king j into brumation. As of now king j receives no basking spot (I do keep it on 18 degrees celsius incase it gets too cold), and 8.5 hrs uvb sunlight, and no food. Current cage temp: 25 degrees celsius (too hot for brumation? I have no way of cooling it further) cage temp can lower to 22 degrees celsius. Temperatures will drop as winter arrives.
However, 2 days ago king j began to shed, resulting in more activity and interrupting slumber. Brumation measures are still in place.
And niw I have noticed an abnormal poop/urinate. It is yellow/white, goopy. I read on one website it means he's over hydrated, but I want to double check just incase.
If someone could please help me by giving me some advice on what could be causing this poop and what I should do (do I need to abort brumation?). Perhaps it's a sperm plug??

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Postby Noodlebasket » Tue May 04, 2021 4:19 pm

As I understand it the best way to avoid over-hydration is just giving them a dry place to get warm, so long as the basking area is a bit raised and made of stone or wood I would expect the skink to fix it themselves. It is possible the over-hydration could be linked to the diet though, which could mean they aren't able to get rid of enough of it? As for the poo itself, the larger urate does seem to be tied to a higher hydration level. I am wondering if the temperature drop might mean they aren't able to get rid of water as successfully? Ultimately I am just making guesses, if your skink is acting differently or you just have some feeling they are having an issue don't feel self conscious about a vet visit. Good luck!
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