Questions about Emerald Tree Skinks

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Questions about Emerald Tree Skinks

Postby thewintermood » Thu Apr 08, 2021 11:02 am

1.) how far off the ground do they need to be to feel comfortable. What I mean is, if I had an enclosure two feet off the ground would the lizards feel less secure and be more skittish? I have a 3 level rack, and I want to put them on the bottom level - but I don't want them being stressed

2.) how many Emerald Tree Skinks can live comfortably in a 4x2x2?
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Re: Questions about Emerald Tree Skinks

Postby rixusaku » Thu Apr 08, 2021 2:29 pm

I don't know anything about emerald tree skinks but after a quick Google search through the images of "emerald tree skink enclosures" it looks like the general consensus on the enclosures are at least 3-4 feet high - so aboreal enclosures that are about 36x18x36 (3 feet high). I haven't seen any that look lower than 3 feet. There's also this girl that I found on YouTube, RedsFaunaverse, giving a basic EMERALD TREE SKINK Care & Information rundown. She seems pretty cool and informative and looks like she cares about her animals' care and health. The video is 19:38 minutes long but about 5:20 of it is spent on an intro. I went ahead and copied the url at the time she starts getting into the care info in case you're interested in not watching the intro.

I only did maybe 5 minutes of search on this, but like mentioned, I'm pretty sure they'll be comfortable with an arboreal enclosure with some substrate thickness at the bottom for burrowing. In the video she mentioned they do this sometimes when they're scared or nervous. In the video, she's using a 36x18x36 enclosure and she has about 4-5 of them in the same enclosure while looking like they're comfy.

They look like really cool lizards though and I'm excited they look cohabitable! I might get myself a few in the future. :D

There's also this video, Emerald (Green) Tree Skink, The Best Pet Lizard? by Clint's Reptiles (cool dude) on some more info on the little guys. I didn't watch the video so I'm not sure which information is shared between the two YouTubers, but a lot of the information should be the same anyway.

Good luck raising the little guys!

Edit: just realized you mentioned you were putting them in a rack system, but I think as long as they're in an enclosure that's 3 feet high they'll be comfortable...but I might want to put them a little higher in the rack system then the floor/bottom.
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