New red eyed crocodile skink owner

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New red eyed crocodile skink owner

Postby hhurley79 » Fri Mar 26, 2021 8:49 am

Hello! I am the new owner of a red eyed crocodile skunk and I got her from a breeder. I am just looking for some care information because the information I got from the breeder varies significantly different from what I’m reading online. For example, he told me to feed her 3 crickets twice a week, so 6 crickets total per week. He also told me she doesn’t need heat or UVB light but I have to keep her tank humid. When I asked him how humid he said around 60-80%. I’m just looking for some more precise information because I want her to be as comfortable and happy as possible. He told me to cover the top of her tank (screen) with Saran Wrap to keep the humidity in and to spray her tank once daily. If anyone has any more information regarding lighting, feeding, humidity, tank temp, and any other helpful information I would greatly appreciate the guidance. Thank you all in advance.

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