Pink Tongue Skink Questions

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Pink Tongue Skink Questions

Postby Cant-Blink » Fri Jan 31, 2020 10:26 am

Hi! I'm researching into getting a pink tongue skink. But I notice how little there are for these guys and what I do find seem to contradict each other. So I wanna go directly to people who keep them and put my mind to rest.

-Are they diurnal or crepuscular? I'm getting conflicting answers on this. I just wanna know when's the best time to handle them since I don't wanna be disturbing their sleep.
-They're more carnivorous than blueys. "More" carnivorous, so not entirely carnivorous? They can still eat veggies, right? Just put less into the food than what you would a bluey?
-Are they as inquisitive as blueys? I hear they're even more docile and handleable, but do they actively seek coming out and exploring like blueys? Do they come up to the glass and scratch to be let out like I've seen blueys do?
-How available do they tend to be at reptile shows?

Sorry for the stupid questions, I just wanna make sure I have everything in order.
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Re: Pink Tongue Skink Questions

Postby Herpin Man » Sat Feb 01, 2020 7:38 pm

I have a few pink tongues. I'm by no means an expert with them, but I will share what I've learned.
I wouldn't consider them crepuscular or diurnal. Sometimes they are out during the day, sometimes not. They seem to come out whenever they feel like it, although they seem to be less active, overall, during the day.
I have read that they are omnivorous, but I have had the best success with feeding them canned cat or dog food, snails, and Mazuri aquatic turtle chow, moistened. They are slow to eat live insects, but they will eat them. They will eat dog food that contains vegetables. They seem to prefer the pate. I recommend grain free.
They are extremely docile and handleable- more so than any other species of lizard that I have ever owned, with the possible exception of African fat tailed geckos. I haven't seen them "scratch to be let out". Like all herps, I think they prefer to be left alone.
I have never seen them for sale at a reptile shows, but of course, that doesn't mean they aren't sold that way at times. I think that, comparatively speaking, few people keep and breed them.

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