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someone asking for some advice about the fire / blue tail skink

Posted: Sat Jan 06, 2018 4:47 am
by Camoose
I'm an amateur reptile holder, I have therefore decided to keep a skink
My question is whether you have any tips on dealing with a fire skink/blue tail skink ,
I have a heat source and the needed stuff for a reptile but I would like to know:
* How can I best take care of this reptile?
* In what theme should I build my terrarium?
* Any tips/experiences?
* Should I build a water source?
* What does a skink eat? Can I give them little grasshoppers or do I give them something else?
*does the air need to be humid or dry and what do I set as temperature?
*should I only have one or should I get two? You know company for each other.
Any other tips or shared experiences are welcome
Thanks for your time at least