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newest resident house skink.

Posted: Fri Jan 05, 2018 6:46 pm
by kingofnobbys
Meet our newest resident wild house skink , a juvenile eastern water skink who is about the same age and size that Lucky was when I rescued him way back about 8 years ago \who I rescued from next door's cat as he dashed across my front lawn with that mongrel murdering cat in hot persuit , who was my first pet lizard as an adult and who I nursed back to health (or so the vet and I thought at the time.

This little skink has was watching my wife eat breakfast this morning and the watching me as I sat quietly on the lounge at about 11am - "he's" a cheakie wee thing and very skittish , while being very curious about things and already knows I am the giver of yummy bugs.

Came out onto the lounge to investigate the strange objecs there - gives a good impression of "his" overall size (which is ytiny cf Cheakie, Speedie & Fluffy)

And onto my wife fav cushion before I tossed a cricket to "him" ... is very good on the tooth , ate 2 BSF lavae & 4 medium crickets , then retired back behind the corner end of the lounge , likely hanging out with Cheakie - I think may be Cheakies son or daughter. (similar spot pattern on side of neck).