Spare enclosure, what to put in it?

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Spare enclosure, what to put in it?

Postby NickBrahz » Sun Feb 01, 2015 10:14 pm

Hey guys i just moved my bluie into a bigger enclosure so im now left with a spare one on my hands, the dimensions are 60cm long x 30cm wide x 40cm high. Im looking for some ideas of what to put in it that when its fully grown it is more then happy with that amount of room, preferably a relatively cheap pet that isn't a needy kind of pet, one that i can feed it and give it water everyday and take it out for it to wander about or play with but it won't die if im to tired to devout a lot of free time to, oh and the tank is able to hold water for what its worth.

Cheers, Nicholas.

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