Got a new fire skink as first pet lizard and worried about feeding. Any tips?

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Got a new fire skink as first pet lizard and worried about feeding. Any tips?

Postby Xanex18 » Wed Jun 09, 2021 8:43 pm

As the title said, I got a pet skink for first time last weekend and it's a fire skink. Waited 3-4 days for him to settle in the tank before trying to feed him. Started with just a small bowl of meal worms to see if he'd eat on those and he didn't touch em overnight or throughout the day. Tried putting 4/5 crickets in and didn't touch em after several hours. Temps seem to be fine in the mid 80s on the cool side and upper 90s on basking point and about 87-95 in the middle area. He's In a 45 gallon with plenty of substrate. I know they are shy species and burrowers but I'm worried about him not eating for over a week. I don't wanna leave crickets in his tank as everything I've read says they will start to bite the skink. Is there any trick to getting these guys to eat? I tried hand feeding but he just ignored me or ran and hid from the cricket instead. this is his current setup and a picture of the handsome bugger

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