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Diet Chart

Postby Katrina » Sun Apr 01, 2012 11:44 am

Have a look at this to get some ideas for feeding your Blue Tongue Skink!

For the Australian Members - Nae had a look through and saw what was available in Australia and tried to figure out the various names. Thanks Nae! :D

Nae wrote:The results of my research are as followed!


Arugula/ Rocket - Quite common and easy to buy. Often comes pre-packaged, but occasionally these contain other veggies like spinach. So if you cant find it 'raw', suss out the packaged stuff. (Which is still just as fresh!)
Basil - Thats everywhere.
Beet greens - Beetroot greens here, which is easily obtained. However, Ive never seen just the greens sold, so your probably going to have to be prepared to buy the whole plant (But the beetroot is also edible~)
Bok choy - We have both this, and pak choy, same basic thing~ Easily available.
Chicory greens - Are called witlof here, or less commonly endive. I know Woolworths has it, buts thats all~
Collard greens - Doesnt seem to be available in normal shops. However, supposedly easy to grow in the cooler south of Aus, or check out local markets.
Dandelion greens - Are available at organic and farmers markets. Otherwise they quite often grow as a pest species.
Ednive, belgian - Same as witlof~
Escarole - Called endive here. Again, check out organic/farmers markets or they are easily grown. I believe Woolworths also has it?
Green cabbage - Very common.
Kale - Check out organic shops, or easily grown.
Mustard greens - I think growing them is the only way...Not sure on that one...
Red Cabbage - Easily obtained.
Red leaf lettuce - Same.
Romaine lettuce - Same again.
Turnip greens - Typically cut off the turnip before placing on the shelves - Ask, the market would probably be able to grab you a handful from the back ;)
Watercress - Sold at bunnings, Asian shops and occasionally in punnets with herbs.

Most of the greens are much more easily and cheapily obtained by growing your own :D


Asparagus - Easily obtained.
Beets - Known as beetroot here.Easily obtained.
Bell peppers - Capsicum. Easily obtained.
Borage - I think its also called bugloss. No idea where to get it though.
Brocolli - Easily obtained.
Brussel sprouts - Easily obtained.
Cactus - I believe one can buy it at plants nurseries, but otherwise not at grocery shops.
Carrots to mushrooms - Easily obtained.
Okra - Also called gumbo. Thats all I know.
Onion - Dont feed it!
Parsely to pumpkin - Easily obtained. Pumpkin however only seems to be available at certain times of the year.
Radicchio - Similiar to witlof, otherwise no clue.
Radish - Easily obtained.
Rhubarb - Dont feed it!
Rutabaga - Known as a swede here. Easily obtained.
Squashes - Their availability varies from shop to shop. Scallop squashes are known as button squashes here.
Tomatoes and turnips - easily obtained.
Yams - Asian grocers.
Yucca root - No clue xD
Zucchini - Easily obtained.

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