Question on general food sources?

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Question on general food sources?

Postby Andee » Sat Aug 05, 2017 9:44 pm

I know generally most skink keepers (who keep them as pets) feed them canned dog food usually? Anything else?

I do not know what breeders do? I would enjoy anyone who breeds them to weigh in?

I know I am likely a bit of a oddity, since I keep one skink, a male merauke, as a pet, but I do not feed him dog food. He gets around 4 different feeder insects, sometimes 6, through out the week with other parts of his meals. He regularly gets burger, but also gets meat trimmings that contain large amounts of tendon or muscle meat and some fat(the meat trimmings come around 8+ proteins). He also get liver (beef usually), currently is getting pork kidney, green beef tripe, sometimes he will get wild caught sock eye salmon (because my dog gets it) and it's raw, he will get some egg (usually boiled or scrambled), he gets his supplements, he gets one adult mouse twice a month, he get his veggies and fruit, he sometimes gets pancreas, and spleen, depending on what organs I have in. He often get's various types of heart and beef tongue.

Does anyone else do what I do?

He will usually get at least one type of organ, mixed with muscle meat and fruit and veg, and a couple insects. It adds to about a spoonful of food every other day. But he's not gaining the massive amount of weight everyone elses gains usually. But he shows no issues healthwise. Has been into the vet several times.
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