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irritated scales around nose

Posted: Wed Nov 28, 2012 6:13 pm
by dsa2108
Dear all,

For a couple of months now our indonesian Climber has had some discolored and irritated scales just behind his nostrils (please see pics). There have also been times when the nostrils themselves look a little puffy and/or blocked by surrounding scales. It is hard to tell, but the edges of the scales look a little yellowish. The symptoms come and go (and it often looks like the scales are slightly improving). We took him to a local vet who took a look at it and said that it was just dirt caked on the nostrils, even though that is clearly not the case. Has anyone seen anything like this before? We want to take him back to the vet, but thought that it would be good to try to get some more information first.

We used to have Climber on coconut fiber and, at that time, the area around the nostrils was often caked with the substrate. Now we have him on reptibark and while the scales healed a bit when we first made the change, now he seems to have the same problem. We have had some issues with maintaining humidity (our apartment is quite dry) even though we do manage to keep the reptibark moist and also spray a fair amount. Climber has been treated for respiratory issues (as well as stomatitis; see pinkish area on his lower lip) in the past.

Any information would really, really help us. Thank you so much,



Re: irritated scales around nose

Posted: Thu Dec 13, 2012 10:39 pm
by taniya91
they have a list of reptile vets for every state somewhere on here that are knowledgable

my bluey had one scale like that on her face and since i pick at small things i started rubbing it and she closed her eyes like "oh yeah that feels good" :)
and turns out it was stuck shed and came right off, im sure that probably isnt your problem but idk what it could be really :noknow: